“elevation 1/3”

180 cm x 180 cm

acrylic on canvas


“elevación”- 1/3 🎈

this is the first work of a trilogy. in this collection, i wanted to represent the value of living in the present moment through figures that live only for a day and yet are happy, as if they were indifferent to their limited physical existence; flowers, butterflies, and balloons are some examples. they don’t measure the notion of time, they don’t worry about how long they will last, and that’s why they can rise above everything, in any circumstance, and achieve their mission, to live. i want to learn the language of flowers and silent things; in a sometimes harsh world, i want to be gentle. but above all, i want to give my all to what we truly have, our life here and now. 🌷🦋🎈

inspired by a poem by charles baudelaire.”

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