Biography of contemporary artist Rosana Auqué

Photograph of contemporary artist Rosana Auque

🎈this is my sanctuary,
where everything can happen,
where I feel my most authentic self.
My certainty and my relief,
my place to meditate,
where I feel I am most in control but also where I lose it completely.
Everything that I am I leave it here 🎈

Rosana Margarita Auqué is Italo-Colombian by birth and cosmopolitan by vocation and education (she studied in colombia, UK, Netherlands, and Italy), she has been living and working in Milan since 2016. She got into painting when she was only a child, at the age of eleven, and she has undertaken her creative path since then. Her deep fascination with nature (she has been referred to as the artist of sky and colours, which both recur in her works) has been the common thread of her art, together with the strong chromatism and the constant research for balance between nuance and shape.

Colombia and Italy represent the two poles in her art: the first country is, besides being her home, a constant source of inspiration with its bright colours, sense of warmth and freedom, while the latter sharpens, thanks to its extensive artistic heritage, her conceptual interest in everything she paints in an organic and disciplined modus operandi.

Influenced, among many other artists, by two masters as Claude Monet (especially by his series of Water Lilies) and Gustav Klimt (whose decorative, textural and rich style she highly appreciates), she finds inspiration in the most diverse fields, such as a melody, a landscape, a dream or a simple concept, and turns them into oil and acrylic paintings, enriched by the touches of gold or bronze so as to highlight some particular areas of the art works and make them even more suggestive. Although she devoted herself to painting, the artist does not exclude the possibility of exploring another medium and further developing a corpus whose cornerstone is, as always, beauty at 360 degrees.

the endocosm of the balloon: Rosana Auqué.

a thin margin of elastic material is all that separates the inside of a balloon from what is outside. In the same way, human matter: flesh, words, places, feelings, separate our perception from that of social reality and the world. Our filters largely differentiate us from each other and unite us more than we would like to admit.

Rosana Margarita Auqué, an emerging artist of colombian origin, is strongly convinced that these distinctions, in contact with the elastic fabric of art, gradually fade away in a playful dialectic, to the point that, inside the balloons, her peculiar trait, she is convinced that there is not so much air but soul.

what is the soul in the end if not the game between the inner and outer cosmos? And Rosana’s is warm, overwhelming, fiery, as is her “sanctuary”, the dimension that is produced around her in the form of the works she gives birth to. Rosana is certainly formal in construction, yes, but this is hidden beneath blended and enveloping colors, a structure like that of the world that does not reveal itself unless you look for it. a rational elegance for sure but one that does not extinguish the artistic desire to involve the world with the most unregulated and Dionysian convivial pleasure. Rosana’s joy is a joy at all costs. a balloon that doesn’t want to burst.

Riccardo Malaspina

to know Rosana means carrying a ray of sunshine in one´s life.

the enthusiasm with which she faces every new day is palpable in each and every one of her paintings.

the pursuit of beauty that distinguishes her art work can be found in the endless assorment of colors with which she portrays nature.

her distinctive flowers, of different dimensions, create harmony, and her skies allude to a spiritual journey, ever present in one’s life.

may you see the artist in her, and may you discern the bliss she emanates.

joy is a gift of nature and Rosana manages to depict it so gracefully.

Antonia Bonacina
Chairwoman Bonacina 1889