Image of a red balloon in the art of Rosana Auque

galaxy family.


flowingly flying over the golden air, bright and abundant, alive with wonders to be relished. Here we are, celestial bodies, full of soulful ambition, united as a swiveling galaxy. As we embellish the gilt sky, a tide of streaming clouds cradles us in its gracious dance; they entice us to discover, they invite us to venture.

all the while, a blue planet balloon is orbited by the feminine: a motherly loving figure, a wise spark, a sensitive star, and our emblematic red balloon, the epitome of fun. we are all inextricably linked, playing an essential part in an indestructible, familiar alliance.

together, with the infinite sky of possibilities, we create a scenery of both expansion and certainty:we are called to widen as part of our self-fulfillment, yet we know that we will never be astray, because we are united by a strong bond that holds our stirring threads together.

the free sky poses the promise that we can expand, knowing that this tie is not restraining us from discovering and connecting with our purpose, because our threads are nurtured by the surrounding celestial space, allowing them to grow and thus, allowing us to extend as far as we choose to go without ever disconnecting from each other.

this galaxy represents a boundless love born from the roots of the earth, that has chosen to arise and sail the skies. Why stay grounded, when our powerful bond has become our renewed certainty? It is our home, that force that both embraces and propels us towards life.