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Image "Facetune" by Rosana Auque

What is the purpose of this site?

This site is an online gallery where you can buy paintings and artwork. It has a virtual gallery with contemporary art pieces signed by Rosana Auqué, also known as Toti. You can also search for specific pieces and collections.

Image painter "Fiesta"

Why are we different?

We do not sell paintings on a mass scale, nor do we have an ecommerce. Furthermore, this website gives you the possibility to establish a direct conversation with the artist, with whom you can agree on the payment procedure to receive your work of art. You can find the contact in the designated area for contacts on this website.

This website is a great place to buy genuine, original paintings and other artwork created by Rosana Auqué. You can find both old and new pieces of art here (ranging from older to more recent collections). We are equipped with a quick checkout process, making it easy to purchase artwork from this site.

The main objective is to show contemporary art in a virtual gallery and to make it possible for anyone to buy artwork in an easy way.

image art work "il giardino del carmine" by Rosana Auque

What will you receive with your purchase on this website?

The artwork you chose to buy, by yourself or with the support of the artist, with the artist’s signature and its certificate of authenticity.

image painter "cheries"

What is the certificate of authenticity?

It could be described as a sort of registry of the artwork that is signed by the artist. As the name indicates, it provides “authenticity” to the purchased artwork. This way, a genuine Rosana Auqué painting can be distinguished from a fake.

Image "La Fuerza Creadora"
image picture by Rosana Auque "La Primavera"

What do I get out of having an art piece?

The question of what you get out of art is a difficult one, but it is not impossible to answer. Perhaps it is the satisfaction of having a material manifestation of beauty that you genuinely enjoy. Choose paintings by artists who have the same taste as you and be satisfied with the beauty they create.

Art is also seen as an investment. A study conducted by Art Market Research, the most famous consultancy within the art market, determined that the works of contemporary artists have achieved an average annual return of 12.4%. We are proud to say that our artist Rosana is well above that average. Along these lines, by buying and later selling an artwork signed by Rosana Auqué, you can obtain financial satisfaction.

As we have discussed, art is not only a form of expression, but also an investment, as it also provides financial compensation.

The most famous consul, Sotheby’s, has conducted a study that confirms what is mentioned above. The study found that artworks are seen as investments, and there are many ways to generate financial returns from them.

The study also found that the return on investment for artworks was higher than for other investments like stocks and shares.

Painters and artworks are both important parts of any gallery or museum. It can be difficult to find an artist or artwork that suits your tastes, but that’s why we have virtual galleries! Contemporary art can be found in this online gallery and in traditional galleries alike.

Once you have received your artwork, you will understand that you have received something special and unique that cannot be replicated and that has every mark of authenticity embedded in it.

Painting by Rosana Auque "Otoño"
Image Artwork "desert"

How is art valued? What does it depend on?

The first thing to consider when acquiring an artwork is how its author or creator presents himself or herself to the world. You can identify a good author when their work and lifestyle satisfy your personal taste. In addition, there are several characteristics to keep in mind when acquiring an artwork, such as chromatic combinations, techniques, colors, shapes, etc. These are key particularities, but above all, you should seek for a special meaning inside the artwork. An art piece should always transmit a message aligned with an ideology or value that you support, whether directly or indirectly.

Art is constantly evolving, and it is a never-ending process. Therefore, an artwork is so much more than just a piece of art, it is also an idea and a message that its artist wishes to transmit to the acquirer and general public. Many factors influence how artworks are valued, one of which is the author and their lifestyles and ideologies.

The first thing we need to do when acquiring a piece of art is identify what kind of artist we are acquiring it from—are they famous or not? If they are not well known, their work will be valued differently because no one knows who they are; this has both positive and negative implications. What kind of art do they make? If it is abstract and experimental, then this will affect how their work will be valued and judged by art experts and critics in the future (it can be either a positive or negative judgment). Finally, what does the author project for the world? What values do they support? What is the strongest message behind their brushstrokes and overall craft?


Image contemporary art "amuleto"

Virtual contemporary art

The site is an online gallery where you can buy paintings made by Rosana Auqué. It has a virtual gallery with contemporary art pieces. You can also search for specific art pieces and collections.

The site is a great place to buy original paintings, prints, and other artwork created by Rosana Auqué. You can find both old and new pieces of art here (from older to newer collections). We are equipped with a quick checkout process, making it easy to purchase artwork from this site.