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“f u n”
acrylic on canvas
90 cm diam

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story of the artwork “fun”


fun.. a simple concept that has taken over rosana’s artistic reproduction and personal lifestyle. it is one that is usually underestimated and narrowed to rare instants in one’s life, but only because we choose to do so. in today’s chapter i want to share with you how by choosing fun over dullness, the artist achieves to beautifully deliver joy wherever she goes.

more than anything, fun is a way of approaching life, that is something we can certainly learn from toti. i can assure you she has no superpower of having a better time compared to anybody else. just like you, whenever toti is experiencing any type of situation, whether it is judged positive or negative and everything in between, she’s presented with different alternatives of approaching such circumstances. rosana chooses to adopt an amusing attitude in most scenarios. and even though it is not always easy to choose fun over complain , joy over fear, she has persevered in this ravishing attitude and in turn, by opting for the more positive postures, she has found to obtain far more better outcomes in everything.

so why fun? why has this concept become a fundamental element in the artist’s life? fun is like an amulet, a shield of resilience and a way of approximating every situation light-hearted, with an appetite for life. it is the best method of approaching life, it is the one by which toti has paved the way to be her most authentic self, unapologetically. by choosing amusement, rosana merrily shows her gratitude to everything that nurtures and brings joy to her life and she inspires others to do so. fun is what nurtures our souls, our inner childs and helps us manifest our purest desires; fun is is how you and i become extraordinary. this is why toti’s artistic reproduction is marked by this value; in her paintings, she experiments with different textures, hues and combinations of colors which all result in an exquisite ensemble of what we can consider to be the expression of a captivating, playful and light-hearted soul.

i dare you to be brave enough to pursue fun, to let your inner child emerge and your soul be nurtured by amusing joyfulness. soon you’ll soon find yourself better with than without it.

isabella auqué

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