Artwork Volare by Rosana Auque

private collection in italy

“v o l a r e”
acrylic on canvas
25 cm diam

the history of the painting “volare”


nel blu dipinto di blu

a love story that begins way back in time, and that consolidates in la bella italia.

it is the one that rosana tells us with every single painting of this awe-inspiring collection, by which she introduces us into a whole new world that yearns to be discovered. one that is boundless and filled with hope.

we’ve already had countless opportunities to learn about the love our artist nurtures towards nature. and most notably towards the sky and its spatial, iridescent and geometrical infiniteness.

this passion of hers manifests itself in an exceptional manner in her most recent collection, volare. It is an exuberance of skies that blissfully testifies to the joy and abundance that Italy has rendered her.

along these lines, we will be citing domenico modugno’s verses, which have been of great inspiration in the realization of this ensemble of idyllic landscapes. volare is an exaltation of beauty, an invitation to dive in the blue skies.

it is nothing less than a precious recompilation, which springs from the immense gratitude that toti feels for her second home and which overflows with their heart and soul.

una musica dolce

rosana’s graceful skies are an epitome of musicality and fluidity. this is how she decides to live her life day-to-day.

just like her signature balloon persuades us to move without fear or restraints, similarly, her harmonious skies symbolize smoothness. they constitute a reassuring promise of flourishing and thriving which incites us to move forward on a heartening path that aligns with our personal values and life’s purpose.

the warmth and bliss that depict her milanese scenery are not withholding her from fulfilling her purest desires. this means indefinitely leaving italy, in order to accomplish an intrinsic dream in new york.

rosana’s skies are also filled with nuances of nostalgia, which emerge from personal growth and the act of leaving behind. yet at the same time, they are an expression of the desire and expectation that arise from the hopeful unknown, from surrendering to divinity’s sage guidance. turning her rosy skies into the accent of auspice.

più in alto ed ancora piu su

we have the capacity to exceed our expectations and reach extraordinary levels of sublimity. volare means surrendering to life’s flow and bliss, with the certainty that we will obtain the satisfaction we seek and so much more. this means, nevertheless, that we are bound to evolve and detach from environments that have been sources of happiness for us. our artist is well aware of it, but she is also certain that in order to feel in harmony with our volatile souls, we must be willing to carry forward and that it is always possible to reach newer and greater sources of beatitude. It is important to point out that we don’t have to leave everything behind all the time. however, it is vital to overcome situations we’ve outgrown, and to forge ahead so that we can eventually admire our journey in the firmament.

this is volare and Italy was precisely the scenery that taught rosana to sail the skies and dream.

nel cielo infinito

in the infinite sky we discover an endless range of possibilities. volare is a way of approaching life with optimism and love, which will take us to the right place, at the right time.

let yourselves be carried away by these scattered clouds and continue to fly through dawn and daylight. if you feel yourselves straying around, look further up and take delight in divinity, its wisdom and grace.



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