Acrylic painting "The galaxy" Gr

private collection in colombia

“the galaxy”

2 mt x 1 mt

acrylic on canvas


“the galaxy”🪐💚🎈💫⭐️- my family’s portrait.

this is the first time I paint balloons in different shapes. i wanted all of their threads to be united by one knot only🧵. each balloon has its own purpose and direction in the sky, and they are aware that they can stretch and expand as much as they want to. they can fly high because they know they have each other🎈

🪐 the planet: that centre we all orbit. the force that elevates us towards the stars. our certainty, the powerful energy that makes it all tangible.

💚 the green heart: it is love personified. the feminine figure that holds us together. 

pure and generous as mother nature. always lovingly, always graceful. 

💫 the shooting star: the wise spark that shows us the way. a bright flash of clarity and vivacity that can light up the whole universe. 

⭐️ the star: sensibility at its pure level. the graceful, most beautiful star full of empathy, intelligence and sense of humor. 

🎈 the balloon: the epitome of fun. 

i needed to exist to remind my family of how wonderful they are ⭐️💫💚🪐

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