Painting "the balloollipop" Gr

private collection in colombia

“the balloollipop”

🍭🎈150 cm x 70 cm
acrylic on canvas

some time ago a person i love 💘 told me she was suffering from anxiety, and from that moment on i was thinking on ways to take this pain away from her.

actually, i hear this word a lot lately, i think many of us today have felt anxiety in one way or another, including myself. sometimes the world feels to heavy and overwhelming 🫦.

that is why I have created this lollipop of love, hope and fun, just to remind us that everything will be ok. We are special, we’re loved and we’re important. we are always in the right place. everything that happens to us is for our greater good. love u. toti.🍭🎈

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